Mobile Marketing eBook

Mobile Marketing eBook



Getting Started in Mobile Marketing


If you’re looking to skyrocket sales,
connect with your target audience, and
send an endless surge of highly-targeted
traffic to your website, you must tap
into the power of mobile marketing.

According to Marketing Land, nearly
40% of Internet time each day is spent
on mobile devices, while more than 70%
browse more web pages on tablets rather
than smartphones.

So, how can you get started?

One of the most common methods is to
use SMS marketing to notify users of
updates, special offers and more.

This strategy involves capturing a
user’s phone number so that you can
send them text-based offers.

According to Mitek, over 80% of
Millennials revealed that their phone
is the first thing they check each day,
SMS marketing can be a very effective
technique at getting attention and
maximizing exposure.

In fact, compared to email campaigns
that can sit in a users inbox for days
(or worse, caught in a spam filter and
never seen), with SMS, you’re able to
get your message seen almost immediately
after they’ve been delivered.

In addition, with SMS marketing you’re
able to interact in a far more effective
way by gaining valuable feedback from
recipients as well as tracking response

Here are a few SMS marketing platforms
to consider:

In next email we’ll take a look at
another effective strategy as well as how
you can immediately put it into action.

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